Cattivo & Zhao Captoe Oxfords

Another week another blog and even more exciting items that are just to good to miss.

These classical Captoe oxfords just speak for themself, just another of our great designs for all you men out there who like to be in the look, loves to be noticed, likes to look good and still has Lindens to shake in his pocket. Well loook no further than Cattivo & Zhao.

These male shoes come in 4 exciting colors and a exceeedingly low price of just L249 they are made of hard wearing leather tired with laces at the front wiht smooth texture and sexy shaping of the shoes they dont just scream Classical they scream hip a must for any real mans wardrobe.

why not come check us out we have new items, new bargains and new deals every week for both men and woman we have glamour and casual shoes and clothes all at amazing prices we are also in various grid hunts we look forward to seeing you soon.

Dont forget to join our update group in store theres plenty of new releases and events comming soon

Zhao Shoes & Cattiva e Cattivo

Melanie Zhao (Owner of ZHAO Shoes, Designer & Creator)
Lissa Maertens (Owner of Cattiva, Designer & Creator)
Cassy Westland (General Manager)


~ by zhaoshoes on June 23, 2010.

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